To be a successful troll, there isn't very much you really need to know.

But the most useful things are listed below, we shall call these the basics.

Alternate Account CreationEdit

This is one of the common (and at the same time one of the more important) thing a troll can do!  You need alt accounts because the mods will tend to silence or ban your accounts as you get better and better at trolling. Here are a few tips to make your trolling a bit more easy:

  1. Make each alt unique and not related [i.e. tonsoffun1 and tonsoffun2 gives it away due to only the number changed.  Try tonsoffun 1(or2) then happygolucky85.] The greater the difference the better.
  2. Never tell people that you are your alt till it is too late for them to do things.  Giving a heads up is a no no, unless your goal is to piss off the masses and the mods by making more than 15 alts.
  3. If you plan on making more than 15alts [for pure flaming and spamming] then you can ignore rule 1.  You don't need unique, just number them well and keep a list so you know which got banned and which got silenced.
  4. Use one browser to make the alts and another to use them.  If you do that, when kong goes for a perma ban, they only affect one browser at a time.  Or, if you know how to use proxies, then use proxies to cover your ass when the bans start to fly.
  • NB: Valid emails are not in fact needed, just use (insertrandomtexthere)@(insertemail).com

This list is only the bare bones of it.  15 alts may seem a bit too much, but if you plan on doing long term trolling, then it is better to be safe than sorry.

Simultaneous Multi-Account ChatEdit

Now that you got a few alts, chosen a room to start the fun, and are about to go trolling you would think you are ready to go, right?  Well, you better think twice if you plan to multi-account it in the same room. multi-account trolling is fun and gets a bit more results, but at the same time it is more difficult than just single account per session.  Here are some tips that can help in the long run:

  1. If you plan to start a flame war with yourself {as a way to bait others to help}, be sure to choose a good username that doesn't suggest that you are a troll.  Make it seem like you are some snot nosed brat looking to have fun over the net. That account is the "naive" account. Nothing brings out the Internet tough guy faster than a "weak" person who needs protection because they are unable to comprehend or they can't insult correctly [keep the naive insult to kiddie stuff [e.g. idiot,doody head, chump.]  Make this account seem as weak as possible.
  2. Think before you type and look at which username you are under before typing!  There have been plenty of times I slipped up and responded to a person under my naive account when I meant to use my trolling account. Learn from my mistake and don't just go on a fly.
  3. Remember what role you need to play at what time to change the chat to your needs.  You have to play both the victim and the troll, so no switching unless you feel like showing your true nature under the naive account.
  4. If you learn any information under your naive account, don't use it when you get it.  Save it for a few days (the longer you wait the better), then use it.  When they ask how did you find out, mention that you learned it from a friend who was able to read over said naive's shoulder or something.  Don't just say that account told you.
  5. No matter what happens in the chat, keep your cool! Treat trolling like a game of chess,checkers, shogi,go,[insert other thinking games here],etc.  You are the person doing the damage, not the people responding.  If they mute you, then they muted you, nothing you can do about it yet.  Add to it that some may try to out-troll you and then get you upset.  Never let them sense you are upset.  Laugh it off, or find a way to cope that doesn't allow them to think you gave up.  It isn't who trolled the best, but who outlasted the other troll.

Chat room RushEdit