Well, I assume you've read the basics.

This is where it starts to get fun. The advanced stuff.


Due to the nature of Kong's chat, often a correctly impersonated user can cause chaos unlimited.

  1. The best way to do this change one letter, it don't change from giggity to qjqqjty. This is too obvious, and limits your alts later on. If you change one letter, and the user has a 7 letter name, you could have an insanely high number of different combinations.
  2. Don't impersonate the wrong user. EG: NEVER, under pain of death, impersonate a mod. It never ends well. Also, don't just impersonate a random user. Pick the right user to impersonate. There's not point acting like a random user who has no kudos in the room.
  3. Try to mimic your victim. If your victim always talks in 1337 or txt speak, you gotta do the same.
  4. If you are able to watch your victim for a while, learn their habits and how they do things.  Never mimic users that have gone "lurking" for long periods of time.  It tends to cause problems for you because some people who lurk look for their thing to be darkened and not grayed out.

Mod HandlingEdit

Admin HandlingEdit

Creative Uses of Simultaneous AccountsEdit

How To Get UnmutedEdit

This is a bit tricky for some people because they don't know two basic ways to get this task done. Now it may seem like getting unmuted is a bad thing but, you don't lose that many points for it.  In fact, most of the time, you lose it, then gain another set of points when they mute you again.  Normally this is so you get the last word on a situation or you want to hit a target below the belt. Here are two basic ways to get people to unmute you.

  1. The first way is to get someone else you trust [or an alt that is in good standing] to ask the person to unmute you and supply reasons.  Try to get them [or try to make it seem] to get the other person to believe that you changed for the better and that you are sorry.  Some people have stong beliefs that people can change and some act out the first time to get it out of your system.  They might unmute then ask you if you did change. You can either bash them again or go for the "wolf in sheeps clothing" approach and get them to slowly trust you again.
  2. This way is a bit harder, but much more fun if you do it right. The downside to muting people is that curiosity will get the better of many people. If you are able to diss them worse and in more entertaining ways, others will comment on what you said.  That leads to the victim unmuting you to see what you said or asking others.  If you have an alt or a fellow troll that wasn't muted by them, have them rely a few things that make it seem like they are really trashing the victim.  Said victim will unmute and be back into the flames yet again.

Taking On Multiple PeopleEdit

Manipulation of Non-TargetsEdit

This is more for those who follow the "stealth / assassin " trolling style than the "flame / Barbarian" trolling style.  The best thing is to have a few alts set up for this.  Limit your trolling with these alts to minor things and if you do go overboard for a few trolling things, fake an apology if said other person is going to be a reg in the room you have the alts in.

  1. Non-targets are mostly regs and other people who you, as the name applies, are not your target for the task at hand. If you do the stealth style, keep your trolling as precise as you can.  NEVER go for a flame war with everybody.  You are suppose to get people to be on your side.
  2. If you want a better type of trolling experience, choose better targets.  Going after the weak (people who can't troll even if someone typed out the insult for them and told them to press enter; people who try to get others to get along) leaves a bad taste in some older trolls mouth because you are not bettering your skills.  In fact, if you do want to go after a weak person, use them as bait for internet tough guys. After you get a taker, leave the wimp alone.  Nothing like full blown trolling a weak person, getting a good flame battle going, then getting looked down upon for it by the other trolls that you allied with because you wasted time on the weaker target when the stronger one was ignored.
  3. If you do get people to side with you, they will tend to come to your aid when the chips are down. Even if you like working alone, when you get a bit stumped or need a trolling "jump off point" (that is when someone flames the target and you add to the flame, making it stronger than it was before), it tends to be good when they keep the trolling going.
  4. As with the weak people, some trolls use the fact that they (the weak) are unable to troll to flame other people on their behalf.  In some people's eyes that makes you a internet tough guy, but if you do it for some people, they might be willing to back you till you get banned or they find out that you used them for your cause.

Getting Regs SilencedEdit